Saturday, September 25, 2010

Who isn't in the market for WONDERFUL soap?

This is just one of those staples in life, right? I feel that having nice soap in my home just makes everything nicer, takes life up one notch... know what I mean? What's nicer is if you know the lady making your soap and think she's just awesome. =) I met Glenda, owner of SudzNThings, at the Great Falls Farmer's Market in August. She was SO welcoming and made my whole experience totally awesome. This is the type of person who helps her nearly blind and deaf elderly neighbor (whom she only recently met) every single day, what sounds like on and off all day long! The world could definitely benefit if there were more Glenda's around. =)

So if you're in the market for nice soap, want to send a sweet gift to a friend for her birthday, bless your elderly neighbor with something that smells nice OR just make your own home a nice place to wash your hands, stop by her shop. OH -- and I made this banner for her shop. (Not for free, I wish I was that nice, but in exchange for soap -- and I definitely WON! in that trade.)

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