Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Banner Crazy!

These are SO much fun to make!! I'm thinkin' birthday party. Baby shower. Just to spice up the baby nursery or kid's bedroom. Every time I make and hang one of these in my house, my 3 (less than 1 week from 4, but still for now 3) year old gets so excited and asks if we can keep it! You might not think a 3 year old would care about such a thing, but a. it shouts PARTY! and color! and fun! and b. this is a girl with style, what can I say. At least I think so.

All for sale in the shop!


  1. very pretty! thanks for linking up with me at LH! and adding my button. I have 3 other blogs if you wanna check me out, bookmark me, or whatever! :) just check my profile. niki

  2. I love banners too! :)

    My sister and I have a blog called Quiltstory where we feature other's quilts and we would love to feature yours! I am especially smitten by the recent Claire/Molly/Bella vintage quilts. I couldn't find a way to contact you via your blog, so I hope it's okay that I left a comment! Anyway, we'd love to feature you, check out our blog and let us know if you're interested!

  3. Hi Quiltstory, that would be so awesome! Thanks for writing!! I'll check out your blog and see if there's a way to contact you...