Friday, September 10, 2010

Ok, so I haven't ended up blogging much, but who can resist a cute baby?

In no particular order, because clearly the sweet baby is number one on this list, I thought I'd just post a few pics of what has kept me (Cristi) busy!! Really, I can't claim that the baby kept me busy for more than one week, but isn't he just a doll? He's my sister's new baby Jaxon. I'm in love with him. I'm impressed by the greater blogging world -- it blows my mind how well y'all do! I'll try to do a better job.

As for Whimsy Quilts, we're hoping to post a bunch of new quilts soon!!


  1. Aw so fun Cristi! I love it! Has Erin seen it yet?!!! I bet she's gonna love it too!!

  2. Hi Kirra! I can't believe I won your blog giveaway, how fun!!! I feel silly even visiting, like it's kind of stalker-ish, but seriously, I love your honesty, pictures & style. Super fun! I'm not sure if Erin saw my blog post (she probably doesn't know I update this, b'c I ... um... don't really =)... gonna keep trying though!!), but I sent her the picture. (I should tell her though that I'm pimpin' her baby, huh?! ;) ) I have a ton of pictures of Jaxon to send her. Did you take a bunch? I bet you got some good ones. =) Thanks for visiting my blog!! I'm thinking about having a giveaway too, just not sure yet what to have. Thoughts? Dish towels? Banner? hmmmm...... Anyways, I'll send you my address, I'm so excited I won!! xoxo