Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Anthro-inspired curtains?

Is anyone interested in helping me out a bit in the interior home design area? The window in my living room has taken up WAY too much brain space in the past year. I've made curtains for it... I've bought curtains for it... (Let me tell you how much my husband has LOVED this venture. ... Not.) Now I have white wooden blinds in it, which aren't incredibly offensive... so that's nice at least. BUT, I'm dreaming of curtains that change the room. Something unique, something you'd find in Anthro, if they made curtains like they make clothes. So be honest and give me your thoughts... This top fabric swatch is from Anna Maria Horner's new line and I LOVE it!

And these lovely curtains are from Pottery Barn.
The ladies at Fabric Crush in Wallingford, here in Seattle, inspired me with this apron... kind of Anthro, don't you think? Super cute.

So I am thinking about ways to combine the blue striped fabric with the Anna Maria Horner fabric. I'd love to make the PB curtains, but have the AMH fabric mixed in somehow. If the bottom of the curtains was more balloon-curtain-like, then the AMH fabric could be in the bottom... but I don't want it to disappear. Thoughts?

The room right now is definitely not ready to rock these curtains, they would TOTALLY stand out. So maybe I shouldn't spend the $$ on the fabric. I'm pretty confused. If anyone's interested in helping me, I could post some pics of my living room.


  1. hi cristi, are the balloon type curtains the ones erin had in her sc town-home in the living room? if so i love that kind! if they are i would do your design how you are thinking-

    1. with the stipe on 3/4 or more of the top half of the curtain
    2. with the amh fabric on the 1/4 or smaller part of the bottom half. like a trim lenth.
    3. i am not sure if i would do the blue or the tan stripe. i would just get the amh fabric and then try to match it with a stipe color already in the amh fabric. the yellow would look great as a stipe. i am just afraid there isn't enough of the blue in the fabric to contrast well enough. does that make sense?

    if so then the bottom half (w/the amh fabric) would only be covered or scrunched when you had them pulled up right?

    so i would ask yourself how much you will want to have them pulled up? and if it would bother you if they were? if they were down it would look great. pulled up would probably look good to but i am not a curtain expert, ha ha.

    i seriously have no idea when it comes to curtains but when it comes to design hoepfully i helped a bit! love jamie

    if you want to post pics go for it.

  2. THANKS Jamie!! I didn't see this until I somehow ended up on my Dashboard ... I'm not really sure why or how I have it that I need to click these comments to publish them. I'll have to look into that soon... obviously still learnin'!! Anyways, thanks for the advice, I hadn't thought of getting a tan stripe, but I love that idea!! If I do it, I'll post pics!!