Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Giveaway: Update.

Hi ladies, Just in case you check here, I'm sorry for the delay, but there have been ladies I don't know recently "like" Whimsy Quilts on facebook... This is awesome, so thanks!! But, I want to get your name added to the drawing the correct number of times, so I'm wondering if any of you referred those ladies (#1) and if they'd like to be added to the drawing (#2)... But, because the banner is for Halloween, I'm only going to wait to see if I hear from any of you or them by TONIGHT, Wed. midnight and if not, do the drawing right away in the morning. Then the banner & gift card will be overnighted. So sorry for the confusion!! Also, check back in late Nov./early Dec. for another giveaway!! xo, Cristi

Here's some additional pics of the banner. (Actually, this is a very similar banner that is for sale in the shop. I made two. =) )

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